In the past trading houses had only two options: spreadsheets or big-budget custom software development programs. Now SaaS-delivered solutions combined with Cloud Computing offer a real, cost-effective alternative. With the global economy, regulatory environment and credit shrinkage increasingly mandating formalized systems for even small trading companies, SaaS offers fast-start, turnkey solutions without up-front investment or resource demands.
Steve Hughes
President & CEO
Aspect Enterprise Solutions
Cloud-based applications — aka Software as a Service (SaaS) — have seen steady growth over the past few years and will continue to grow.
Gartner, Inc., Cloud Computing: The Next Generation of Outsourcing, Ben Pring, November 1, 2010

According to Technology Research Analyst Firm Gartner…

We are in the midst of a fundamental shift, as more enterprises start to use services enabled by cloud technologies. This will heavily impact IT services providers, who must now consider strategies for coping with profound changes in the marketplace or risk being left behind.
Cloud Computing:
The Next Generation Of Outsourcing
Ben Pring, November 1, 2010
According to Technology Research Analyst Firm Gartner…
Increasingly, hosted or SaaS-based solutions are gaining favor among end users as a means of reducing capital costs, deployment times and support overheads. While traditionally these solutions were preferred options for smaller end users or end users with limited functional requirements, as the functional capabilities of SaaS - or application service provider (ASP)-based deployments grow, the appeal to larger organizations will widen.
Magic Quadrant For Energy Trading And Risk Management Platforms
Keith Harrison and
David Furlonger
March 18, 2011
AspectCTRM was installed and working for us so fast – quickly enabling us to get a real-time understanding of profit and loss, exposures, price movements in the markets and how we can better manage risk.
Peter Malcom King
Business Development & Strategy Manager
Linetrale Oil Supply & Trading Company, Nigeria
This opportunity to work with Aspect is one we firmly believe will bring new value to our customers in our core energy businesses. We have a strong customer base throughout North America, and proven sales and account teams that can deliver tremendous value by working with Aspect and leveraging their ability to quickly deploy and deliver accessible, affordable Cloud solutions to the mid-market, like no other company in the world today.
Michael Browne
Vice President
Analytics and Trading
Schneider Electric
We like to do things differently at Aspect. We showed that with our open pricing policy back in 2011. Now we’re challenging another industry norm by developing a revolutionary set of embedded tools that will empower customers, or their choice of third party consultant, to do that essential final part of the deployment and make whatever changes they want thereafter.
Steve Hughes
President & CEO
Aspect Enterprise Solutions
This is just the beginning. We've hired a new team in our newly formed partnership division whose job is to identify key companies that meet our strategic partner goals for selling, deploying and supporting AspectCTRM solutions. This group will leverage the lengthy development work we've done over the past several years for our AESthetics project, which will allow our deployment partners the ability to learn, configure and deploy our solutions as quickly as we can, in just a few weeks. There's huge cost efficiency savings in this.
Steve Hughes
President & CEO
Aspect Enterprise Solutions

Apect Partner Program

Aspect works with a network of partners bringing together resources, expertise, business applications and technology, and a deep pool of knowledge in commodity trading and risk management. By bringing together the top companies across commodities, and regions globally, Aspect is able to extend best practices, innovative tools and optimum cost efficiencies to customers.

Apect Partner Program: Sales, Support, Implementation

Companies of all sizes and specialties within sales, support and implementation of E/CTRM systems are encouraged to request more information on how to become a partner in the Aspect Partner Program (APP). Companies include consultancy firms, SAP resellers, Oracle resellers, integration providers, data sources, data management firms, and E/CTRM solution providers that align with Aspect solutions, and others.

The APP drives improvements and best ROI throughout the lifecycle of a customer, from customer acquisition through implementation, support and maintenance to enhance the customer's experience with AspectCTRM, the leading Cloud E/CTRM solution globally.

By pooling strengths in core competencies, best business practices and tools, and localized services — companies can achieve even greater success through partnering. It's a win-win for customers and partners of the APP, as partners extend their services and enjoy new revenue opportunities.

To receive information about the APP, email

There are three types of Partners:

  • Sales Partners sell AspectCTRM and gain access to revenue opportunities and co-op marketing programs to increase brand and selling potential.
  • Implementation Partners implement, train, and support customers of AspectCTRM and receive training on the AspectCTRM platform, the leading Cloud E/CTRM solution globally.
  • Premium Partners are responsible for sales, implementation, training and support of AspectCTRM, and gain access to revenue opportunities and co-op marketing programs to increase brand and selling potential, and training on the AspectCTRM platform.

5 Reasons To Join APP

  1. Become part of a game-changer leveraging Aspect's unique underlying architecture, AESthetics. Grow with the fastest organically growing CTRM solutions provider in the world.
  2. Extend your business with Cloud solutions. All industry analysts agree the Cloud is here to stay, and growing.
  3. There's great financial upside for partners as not only does it offer substantial profitability in acquiring a client, but also offers attractive ongoing recurring revenue.
  4. Gain mid-market clients and give your clients lower costs, and greater benefits and ROI. Discover how to implement a CTRM system in record time, just a few weeks.
  5. Work with an award-winner in Aspect, recognized with Top ETRM and Technology awards from leading publishers Energy Risk and Commodities Now.