Create Custom Excel Spreadsheets With Real Time Data (RTD) Technology

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Written by the Aspect Enterprise Solutions Product Management Team.

Did You Know…that AspectDSC provides live data that is seamlessly exported into Microsoft Excel using powerful Real Time Data technology, also known as RTD? Traders analyze fast moving commodities markets by exporting data from multiple sources into spreadsheets that continue to tick in real time in Excel on your desktop as markets change.

RTD technology provides a worksheet function that allows the retrieval of data in real time. This technology replaces an older tool referred to as Dynamic Data Exchange, or DDE. RTD surpasses DDE in several ways, offering greatly flexibility with cell referencing capabilities. RTD runs on Component Object Model (COM) technology, which offers a powerful, reliable and convenient way to stream live data into Excel.

Traders are empowered with the RTD capabilities built into AspectDSC, a leading market data and decision support center for trading professionals globally. AspectDSC delivers real time ticks and historical prices, news and market assessments for multiple energy and commodities sectors including oil and gas, bunker fuel, metals, natural gas, power, and agriculture. The portal continuously streams data from leading sources such as CME, ICE, LME, SHFE, Platts, BBC, Argus, OPIS and Dow Jones, giving traders access to the most current commodity market data. The cloud-based solution is available on desktop, mobile, and tablet, delivering anytime, anywhere access to critical data used to make informed trading decisions. AspectDSC is also on the same platform as Aspect’s flagship AspectCTRM product, which gives users instant price uploads to mark trade portfolios. AspectCTRM is the only commodity trade and risk management software with market data available on the same platform.

RTD Technology Empowers Traders

By merging AspectDSC’s cloud data and charting tools with Excel’s analytical features, traders gain a competitive advantage. With a few simple steps, futures, FX, live and end-of-day commodity price data is pulled into a spreadsheet from AspectDSC. Excel automatically refreshes trading formulas for settlement and arbitrage. Users can populate spreadsheets with last, change, spread, bid, ask, low, high, settle and volume pricing data using AspectDSC symbols.

AspectDSC users benefit from combining data from several sources with their own proprietary data for in-depth analysis of markets. Traders combine real time and historical data, monitor market movements with live updates, and much more. Spreadsheets sync to the portal so that data is continuously updated without additional manual input. With RTD spreadsheets, traders can access vital market data from multiple sources in one simple view, allowing for easier, less time-consuming monitoring of markets.

How AspectDSC Users Can Export Data Into Excel

Step 1: Add the AspectDSC RTD Application to your screen by clicking ‘Change Content’ on the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2: Click on ‘Run RTD’ in the new panel. You should see a message stating your connection is successful.

Step 3: For this example, let’s say you want to pull the last price for Front Month Brent into your spreadsheet. Open Microsoft Excel and in a blank spreadsheet, type =RTD(“aspectdsc.rtd”,, “IFFB.1”, “c”). You can pull different data by replacing the IFFB.1 symbol in the formula.

For a list of all possible fields and syntaxes, click on the Tools Menu of the AspectDSC panel, select Help, then RTD Application. Alternatively, to view an example of data click ‘View’ next to one of the feeds, for example, ICE Brent/NYMEX WTI Futures. This will show an example of the real time links which can be created. In this instance, cell referencing is used and can be easily copied to your own spreadsheet.

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With RTD, traders receive live prices that help to identify market opportunities and maximize trading efficiency. Join the many trading professionals who have optimized their business with AspectDSC’s real time data, advanced charting tools, futures panels, historical price tables and more.Click Here to Request a FREE Trial of AspectDSC