Mitsubishi Case Study Download

Mitsubishi Case Study Download

The Singapore-based energy trading arm of the giant Japanese-owned, $74Bn Mitsubishi Corporation, imports and trades crude oil, petroleum products, LPG, carbon products and derivatives internationally, and regionally across south East Asia.

It works from its Singapore base and through offices in Tokyo, London and Houston. Energy trading is part of Mitsubishi’s Energy Business Group which has operations worldwide and focuses not only on traditional energy-related activities but also on finding ways of using energy more efficiently while protecting the natural environment.

Deployed across all four Mitsubishi trading locations, AspectCTRM has replaced a spreadsheet-based system that was beginning to crack under the pressure of a mounting number of trades. It is now doing a very efficient job of managing the risk implicit in buy/store/sell/ship trades of physical products, and associated trades of derivatives for hedging.

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